Amplifying Narratives: An Inside Look at Ananke's Women in Literature Festival 2024

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In a world characterized by increasing division and polarization, embracing the multitude of voices in literature goes beyond simple inclusivity; it stands as a crucial recognition of the expansive spectrum of human experiences and viewpoints that shape our shared story. 

Each voice, each narrative, carries its own distinct essence, adding depth and richness to the tapestry of literature. We must acknowledge and celebrate these diverse voices not merely for the sake of diversity, but as integral channels of understanding, empathy, and enlightenment. Their stories, their truths, serve as essential components of our literary legacy, warranting acknowledgment, gratitude, and celebration.


Ananke's Women in Literature Festival has been an annual virtual gathering held online since 2021. This festival celebrates diverse voices from the global south. To foster change through dialogue and discourse that transcend linguistic, political, and socio-cultural boundaries, the festival serves as a platform for celebrating diversity and amplifying marginalized voices in literature and the arts.

Ananke acknowledges the transformative power of imagination, creativity, and dialogue in nurturing just and equitable societies. Artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, journalists, musicians, and audiences are all encouraged to participate as catalysts for change.

The Theme 


The theme for Ananke's Women in Literature Festival 2024 is "Language and Erasure." This theme delves into how language influences our perceptions and experiences, aiming to confront oppressive exclusions and challenge euro-centric ideologies entrenched in modern communication. Inspired by Ngugi wa Thiong'o's observations on the erasure of colonized languages, participants are urged to share their collective and individual narratives, histories, and artistic expressions addressing the complexities of language, violence, and erasure.

Featuring a diverse lineup of 24 authors from 7 countries, including the UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Scotland, the festival offers three days of engaging panel discussions, interviews, poetry readings, and discourse on the theme of language and erasure. Scheduled to commence on April 23rd, this immersive event invites attendees to join the dialogue and contemplate the essence of being "human" in a world shaped by linguistic and cultural diversity.

The latest, slated for April 23rd-25th, is already generating excitement on social media, thanks to the proficient management by Keemiya Creatives.

Namrata, the festival coordinator, expressed, "We're thrilled about our exceptional lineup this year, featuring numerous literary guests from around the world. Can't wait for the world to see it!"

Core Message

Founder and Editor of Ananke, Sabin Muzaffar is a firm believer in meaningful conversations and positive narratives that can amplify change-making. About the thought behind the festival, she said,” Engaging in tough conversations is an aspiration that is not impossible. And this is what we at Ananke and by extension, Ananke’s Women in Literature Festival strive to achieve through this festival. Our success lies in our integrity as a collective, with every stakeholder having the voice, ownership, and agency to help create positive narratives.”

She further adds, “We live in a world reeking with divisive polarization, hate, prejudice, and a debilitating lack of compassion. Yes indeed, we need to continuously raise awareness about these ills of our society. More conversations about overcoming them are critical, truly! But it is also imperative to have a dialogue when it comes to sensitization of our society, especially with the flood of deliberately noisy disinformation and chaos-fuelling misinformation. These have systemically decimated values that need to be espoused and most importantly defended.”

Journey Continues

Today Ananke's Women in Literature Festival stands as a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment for women across the global south. By providing a platform for the celebration and amplification of their voices, the festival not only acknowledges the diverse experiences and perspectives of women but also validates their contributions to literature and the arts. 

In a world where women's voices have often been marginalized or silenced, events like these are essential in fostering a more equitable and just society. Through dialogue, discourse, and celebration, Ananke's Women in Literature Festival inspires and empowers women to share their stories, challenge dominant narratives, and ultimately, shape a more inclusive and diverse literary landscape for generations to come.