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LEED Video Magazine is a new concept of media composed of a 25-minute audiovisual content that builds on LEED’s approach in contributing to social impact through innovative digital solutions. While featuring different formats per volume, it highlights and uncovers narratives and impactful stories strongly related to its strategic pillars namely female leadership and activism in diverse fields and industries, youth employability, and women’s and vulnerable groups’ rights and empowerment. 

This project is supported by “Culture pour tous” Fund of the German Embassy in Tunis



Tough Economic Times: The Plight of Kenyans

As Kenyans continue to grapple with the high cost of living, the government seeks to impose more taxes potentially inflicting more pain and suffering. It seems as if the priorities of the government are not aligned with the realities of its citizens. Something needs to be done.
Leed Academy

Policy Writing training

This training course is designed to explore different components and dimensions of strategic thinking, policy-making, lobbying, and advocating for social change. The main aim is for participants to enhance their policy writing skills for various audiences.
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WOMENTUM Digital Saloons

WOMENTUM 9th Digital Saloon

The 8th WOMENTUM Digital Saloon will take place on April 20th, under the theme of “The Disproportionate Impact of Climate Change on Women and Girls and How Intersectional Feminism and Environmentalism Go Hand in Hand”.
LEED Live Talk

LEED LIVE TALK WITH Laura Jardine Paterson

The LEED Live Talk (LLT) is pleased to host during its next episode taking place on November, 9th 2022 on LEED’s Instagram channel, Laura Jardine Paterson from the UK based in Lebanon. Laura is the founder of CONCAT, the first web development agency to be led by refugee and female developers from countries of conflict.
LEED stands for LEADERSHIP, EMPOWERMENT, EMPLOYABILITY and DIVERSITY. We want to offer young people career perspectives and empower them. LEED sees itself as part of a solution to combat youth unemployment and causes of migration worldwide, to strengthen local economic structures, to encourage women, especially in technical and digital professions, and to help companies to hire the talents and leaders of tomorrow.
We harness the power of technology and digitalization to create opportunities for youth, women and minorities, and to foster the role of institutions. We also reinforce the social responsibility of the private sector, and help them hire the talents of tomorrow to create sustainable economic and social structures.
A world where women, youth and minorities are able to use their full potential and skills to have a prosperous and dignified life.
Contribute to building a world of equal opportunities and gender justice while promoting female talent.
Contribute to the creation of socioeconomic prosperity for youth and minorities.

Our Projects

Digital Saloon

Digital Saloons are thematic online panel discussions about contemporary women concerns relating to IT, culture and digitalization, with the presence of special high-scale guests.

LEED Academy

LEED Academy is an online e-learning platform. It is powered by the LEED Initiative to complete its pillars and to enhance Leadership, Empowerment, Employability, and skills development.

LEED Live Talk

hosts women role models from all over the world in the digital, tech and cultural industries in a monthly live program to share their success stories, and talk about leadership in different sectors.


aims to establish a digital women’s rights movement of MENA feminist organizations and grassroots movements advocating for the acceleration of the achievement of gender equality.

Beyond Boxes

an environment-friendly converted container that is a space for incubating entrepreneurs’ ideas and a training center for youth empowerment and employability.

Our Team

Nosra Ayari : CEO MENA | Leed
Co-founder & CEO MENA
Nosra Ayari is the Co-founder and CEO MENA at LEED covering LEED’s operations in the MENA region. Nosra is a senior professional with a record of accomplishment working for thirteen years in Europe and the MENA region in the corporate sector, International NGOs, local CSOs, diplomacy and the donor community. Before LEED, renowned organizations she held senior positions in include Sanofi, Open Society Foundations, Mercy Corps, the Arab Foundations Forum and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. She had successfully implemented multiyear programs in the MENA region covering diverse human rights issues.

Nosra holds an MA in International Relations from Sorbonne University and an MSc in Management from CIFFOP International School of Management in Paris. Nosra holds as well professional certificates in Leadership from Dickinson College and Influencing from the University of Delaware. Her academic research had mainly focused on women’s rights movements, social enterprises and CSR and mentoring. Nosra is fluent in English, French and Arabic. Nosra believes that team work and passion about organizational goals boost creativity and lead to faster organizational growth and impact.
Jörg Schäffer : Founder & CEO Europe | Leed
Founder & CEO Europe
Jörg Schäffer is a serial entreprenuer, social innovator and Founder of the LEED Initiative. During his studies in Islamic Studies and Economics, Jörg was one of the co-founders of the Middle East magazine Zenith and, as Managing Director, led it to become a leading source of information on the Muslim world in German-speaking countries. In 2014, together with fellow Zenith network members, he founded the privately chartered think tank Candid Foundation.

In addition to his publishing responsibilities at Zenith, Jörg has published numerous books, including bestsellers, at his publishing house Deutscher Levante Verlag. Since 2016, Schäffer has increasingly dedicated himself to the topic of digitalisation, linking it to his work in development cooperation and founding and investing in new innovative start-ups, predominantly in the MENA region, with the aim of creating more jobs and transparency. His latest venture, TREVEX, offers a digital ecosystem for financial information and B2B matching solutions that brings more transparency to the growth markets of the Middle East and Asia, while providing SMEs with new financing opportunities and thus sustainable growth.
Hossein Takriti :  Production Manager | Leed
Production Manager
Hossein Takriti is the Production Manager at LEED. He is a Scenographer and Art Director with more than six years’ experience in production. In Damascus, he co-founded Tajroubeh Troupe, an independent non-profit performance troupe. He conducted workshops with the First Scene Project, and presented his work in the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Hossein has been working closely with several NGOs to produce multimedia videos in cooperation with Lumiere productions.

His journey from Syria to Tunisia offered him diverse spaces to create artistic visual projects, especially in video mapping. He also animated conceptual artistic 2D motion graphic videos within several agencies in the MENA region. In cinema, he managed the artistic direction of the Syrian short movie ‘’Sarah’’ and the montage of ‘’Butterfly, with no doubt’’, another short movie tackling discrimination issues in the Tunisian society. Hossein holds a BA in Scenography from the Higher Institute of the Dramatic Arts, Damascus, Syria. He is Fluent in Arabic and English.
Cyrine Saada : Outreach and Content Management Officer | Leed
Outreach and Content Management Officer
Cyrine Saada is the Outreach and Content Management Officer at LEED. She is a Tunisian female graduate with a notable experience in Communications, Project Management, Volunteerism, Facilitation, and Advocacy. She earned her BA in English Language, Literature and Civilization from the Higher Institute of Languages of Tunis; and she is currently working on her master’s thesis.

Cyrine is a person with an immense curiosity and a robust appetite for learning. As a result, she likes being absorbed by the intersections of diverse disciplines rather than narrowing herself down with the idea or theory of one discipline per se. Cyrine worked as an English Language and Communication teacher at ESPRIT School of Engineering. She has also worked with several nonprofits around the world aiming at social change. She was the Certified Training Program trainer for World Youth Alliance Middle East and North Africa, where she delivered customized trainings in human rights and human dignity to aspiring leaders. As a copywriter for We Grow Minds, She was responsible of liaising and coordinating with key project members, consultants, and contributors in order to produce social media content. Cyrine is fluent in Arabic, French and English.
Imene Rejeb Leed Initiative
Admin and Projects Assistant
Imene Rejeb is the Admin and Projects Assistant at LEED. She earned a BA in Language, Literature, and English Civilization, and an MA in English and International Relations from the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis. She is currently working on her master’s thesis.

Imene is always eager for new experiences in humanitarian and social work, and is keen on engaging with people from different walks of life. She has professional experience engaging with different non-governmental organizations, and has had the opportunity to work with various eclectic groups from around the world. She pursued her passion for human rights advocacy and interest in International Humanitarian Law through her experience with the Tunisian Refugee Council where she participated in relief missions and engaged in fieldwork to raise awareness amongst the Refugee and Asylum seeker community in the Tunisian South. Imene has also worked as an Operations Intern with Soliya, providing logistical and operational support to the Connect program, as well as ensuring quality control of the program. Imene is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.
Amina Teyeb Leed Initiative
Project Officer
Amina Teyeb is the Project Officer at LEED. She earned an LLB in private Law and a master’s degree in Common Law from the Faculty of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences of Tunis. She is an enthusiastic and driven law graduate with a passion for human rights and experience in project management.

Amina graduated from the human rights academy GENERATION AVENIR (GAV) led by FRIEDRICH-EBERT-STIFTUNG. She joined the academy's feminist initiative, Yeszina, where she contributed, as a pilot project, to the development of a student initiative that resulted in the placement of a reception and orientation cell for victims of sexual harassment in a Tunisian faculty. Passionate about human rights and social justice, Amina has been actively involved in several Tunisian civil society organizations such as Culture for Citizenship, Handhala for Human Rights and Aswat Nissa, as a volunteer and a member, working on human rights advocacy projects. Prior to joining LEED, Amina worked as a project coordinator at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems on Libya programme and was in charge of coordinating and liaising IFES’s technical legal support. Amina is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

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