The Documentary

Lives without Identity

In the Kasserine region in Tunisia, close to the border with Algeria, women exist without any legal proof of identity. Without that proof, healthcare, votes or a job lie within sight, yet tantalizingly beyond their reach. 

While Tunisia has long been recognized as a forerunner for women's rights in the Arab world, rural women and girls are still marginalized and discriminated against at the political, economic, and social levels. According to the World Food Programme, only 33 percent of women working in agriculture are protected by social security. Within this number, Tunisia’s free healthcare is only accessible to an estimated 10% as a result of the casual nature of their work.
Saddled with childcare, as well as often eking out a living as casual workers in Tunisia’s unforgiving agricultural sector, many of these women suffer in silence. Denied an identity card and access to the state through circumstances beyond their control, ensures they will continue to suffer in silence. 

The women’s order of appearance: 
Kheira Hajji 
Nora Yahyaoui 
Mariam Yehyaoui