The Bulletin

Women across the world are fighting for their rights. Advances have been made worldwide. However, those gains have been unequal and what may be true in the West, isn’t always true in the Middle East or Sub-Saharan Africa.

Women’s Rights refer to the push for gender equality through legislation, activism, public service, political participation, advocacy and more.
The challenges women around the world face daily might vary, depending on where they live. All the same, gender inequality remains a global concern, permeating every aspect of women’s lives. 

Victories are being won. In Germany, the first gender equal cabinet has been voted in. The World Trade Organisation has appointed its first African woman as its leader. In Afghanistan, women continue to push back against the encroachment of Taliban. Around the world, the fight goes on. Nevertheless, barriers remain. Unequal voting rights, underrepresentation within politics, over representation among the civilian casualties of conflict, displacement and constraints upon their economic participation in society continue to limit the potential of women and girls.