The Talk

Equality is the Road to Democracy

The increase in the number of people with disability who have a disability card from 276 000 in 2020 to 438 000 in 2022, according to the latest statistics by the Ministry of Social Affairs, is only an acute indicator that much is needed to be done to raise awareness and ensure equality and non-discrimination in Tunisia.
Yousri Mzati is the President of the Tunisian Organization for the Defense of the Rights of People with Disabilities (OTDDPH) and an expert in the field of disability inclusion. He holds a baccalaureate in economics and management in 1999. During the same year, he had an accident that resulted in him dropping out of school.
He is the recipient of an honorary certificate of volunteering work from the United Nations General Assembly in December 2021, which paved the way for his journey as a goodwill Ambassador. He holds the position of a treasurer of the Arab Forum for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Arab Maghreb Union of Persons with Disabilities, and works as a consultant for the Department of Public Employment of the Tunisian General Labor Union.
As the president of OTDDPH, he aims to guarantee and defend the rights of people with disability in Tunisia and to monitor and contribute to the implementation of the International Convention. In addition, he is working on combatting prevailing stereotypes about people with disability and highlighting their roles as active and positive members of Tunisian society. His vision is to have people with disability in leadership positions as mayors, ministers, heads of government or even presidents of the republic.

In conversation with LEED Initiative Co-founder and CEO MENA, Nosra Ayari, Yousri Mzati contemplates the gains, the changes and the challenges faced by people with disability in accessing political, social and economic life in Tunisia prior to and following the Revolution, drawing his insights from accurate and well-grounded examples. Yousri aspires for promoting a just, peaceful and inclusive society.