The Bulletin

Around the globe, people with disability face unseen discrimination at the social, economic, and political levels. While much has been done already to safeguard their rights and freedoms; people with disability still lag behind in employment and health indicators in Tunisia.

Disability is a human rights issue. People with disability are among the world’s most discriminated people as they often experience violence, prejudice, and denial of autonomy as well as face barriers to accessing socioeconomic life.

Disability remains a development priority since it has a higher prevalence in lower-income countries. Thereby, disability and poverty mutually and exclusively reinforce each other. Civil society organizations across the globe are pushing for disability inclusion. They are vehemently working to create socially just, accessible communities where human rights, freedoms, contributions, potentials and diversity of people with disability are recognized and celebrated. Nevertheless, barriers for people with disability persist and they can be more frequent and have a greater impact.