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WOMENTUM Eighth digital Saloon

This edition explores the intricate intersectionality of digital and social media portrayal of female body image and the feminism and post-feminism fight.
Our Guest Speakers
Katie Gallus
Kirra Pendergast
CEO of Safe on Social Media
Fabrizio Gallo
Founder of New Wellness Education
Sandra Mikhail
Founder and CEO of Nutrition A-Z by Sandra Mikhail
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Peacebuilders' Perspective: Integrating Youth and Women in Peace Talks

As a UNWomen Arab States young peacebuilder and Gender Innovation AGORA member, our blog contributor Rachida El Rhdioui highlights youth and women’s mediation and peacebuilding efforts and argues the potential of having effective participation in decision-making and peace negotiation processes.
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WOMENTUM Digital Saloons

WOMENTUM 8th Digital Saloon

The 8th WOMENTUM Digital Saloon will take place on November 15th, under the theme of body image in the digital media society and what it tells about feminism.
LEED Live Talk

LEED LIVE TALK WITH Laura Jardine Paterson

The LEED Live Talk (LLT) is pleased to host during its next episode taking place on November, 9th 2022 on LEED’s Instagram channel, Laura Jardine Paterson from the UK based in Lebanon. Laura is the founder of CONCAT, the first web development agency to be led by refugee and female developers from countries of conflict.
Leed Academy

TOT training

This training course is designed to provide individuals with the foundational training skills to train people in the future. The aim of these three days of online training is to equip the participants with essential techniques and skills needed to deliver smooth, engaging, and learner-focused training with full confidence.

The trainees will be actively engaged in the learning process and will be provided with practice and opportunities to acquire new skills and gain the needed self-confidence. They will also be guided to use free online digital tools to demonstrate their learning