About Bent EL Nile
Bent El-Nile, a women's group, aimed at combating sexual violence in particular and working to educate girls and young women to have a non-violent life in which they can afford all the protection tools (psychological, legal and cognitive awareness), for a safer life and equal opportunities in the private and public spheres. Bent El-Nile Group was formed in 2012 by young women and girls in response to violence against girls and patriarchal communities, where girls are deprived from their right to choose and their right to self-determination.
Management Team of the Organization
Asmaa Dabies
Gehad Ahsraf

My Unfulfilled Right (Haky Nakes)

This project was launched in 2020 during the 16-day campaign against violence, which was aimed at highlighting the demands of feminists in the shadow of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

My Body Belongs to Me

This project was launched in 2019 to combat Female Genital Mutilation. It works to change cultures and heritages that lead to the continuation of gender-based violence in Egypt.

We Believe you, we Hear you, we See you

This project provides psychological and legal support services to empower women and girls. It identifies GBV cases in several Egyptian governorates, and works on eliminating them.
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13 El Barazil, El zamalik, Cairo, Eygpt.

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