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WOMENTUM fifth digital Saloon

This edition explores how social media is playing a key role nowadays in advocacy for NGO's and human rights defenders. Yet, it could be at the same time a source of disinformation.
Our Guest Speakers
Katie Gallus
Mislav Barišić
Europe Policy and research specialist
Nisreen Deeb
IT Specialist & LLWB Executive Director
Matteo Sisto
Founder of Europiamo
Imane Lakbachi
Founder of Concealed Narratives
Zahraa Dirani
communication coordinator at Fe-Male
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The Saloon

Latest Announcements


Grappling with Eco-Anxiety

On August 12, the world comes together to celebrate International Youth Day, LEED Initiative joins in the celebration by shedding light on the issue of climate anxiety and its impact on the younger generations. 
Leed Academy

Policy Writing training

This training course is designed to explore different components and dimensions of strategic thinking, policy-making, lobbying, and advocating for social change. The main aim is for participants to enhance their policy writing skills for various audiences.
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WOMENTUM Digital Saloons

WOMENTUM 9th Digital Saloon

The 9th WOMENTUM Digital Saloon will take place on April 20th, under the theme of “The Disproportionate Impact of Climate Change on Women and Girls and How Intersectional Feminism and Environmentalism Go Hand in Hand”.
LEED Live Talk

LEED LIVE TALK WITH Laura Jardine Paterson

The LEED Live Talk (LLT) is pleased to host during its next episode taking place on November, 9th 2022 on LEED’s Instagram channel, Laura Jardine Paterson from the UK based in Lebanon. Laura is the founder of CONCAT, the first web development agency to be led by refugee and female developers from countries of conflict.